Non-dimmable LED Driver

UL 277v 0-10v dimmable led driver 12v 150w slim power supply

SMT-012-150VDSW is UL led driver dimmable 0-10v 12v 150w. ultra slim size, waterproof IP67 rating. it is able to work with gkoled's GKOCP05.

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    Constant Volatge 0-10V Dimmable
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    7 years
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UL 277v 0-10v dimmable led driver 12v 150w slim power supply

SMT-012-150VDSW is UL led driver dimmable super slim 150w. it has widely input voltage range 110-277Vac and 42-60Hz for north american market and european market. output voltage is 12Vdc. it is waterproof IP67 version, aluminum case. can be used at indoor and outdoor projects. it is compatible with jaylumi's GPC9510.

product parameters





dc voltage



voltage accuracy



rated current



rated power

150 w


voltage regulation

± 0.5%

load regulation

± 1%

± 1%


voltage range

10 0- 277 v ac

frequency range

47 63HZ

power factor ( Typ.

PF≧0.9 9 /110V ; PF≧0.9 5 /2 77 v

THD( Typ . ) @ full load

< 10 % @120VAC <15%@277VAC

full load efficiency Typ.

84 % @120VAC, 86%@277VAC

85 % @120VAC, 88%@277VAC

ac current Typ.

1. 4 0 a

inrush current Typ.

11A,50%,[email protected], 27A,50%,[email protected]

leakage current

<0. 50 ma


short circuit

hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition

is removed.

over loading

≤120% shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover

over temperature

100℃±10℃ shut down o/p voltage, automatically recoverafter cooling.


working TEMP.

-40 +60℃

working humidity

20 9 5 %RH,non-condensing

storage TEM.,Humidity

-40 +80℃ 10 95%RH


±0.03%/℃ 0 50℃


10 500Hz, 5 g 10min./1 cycle,period for 60min. each along X,Y,Z axes


safety standards

UL8750 ,CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.250.13

withstand voltage

I/P-O/P: 1.88 KVAC

isolation resistance

I/P-O/P 100MΩ/500VDC/25℃/70%RH

EMC emission

fcc 47 CFR part 15 ,Subpart b

EMC immunity

compliance to EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,,11, ,

alight industry level



0.65 kg


330*32*23 mm (L*W*H)


375*27*17.5mmmm , 30 PCS/CTN


1. all parameters not specially mentioned are measured at 110VAC, 2 77 vac input ,

ratedload and 25℃of ambient temperature.

2. Tolerance:includes set us tolerance,line regulation and load regulation .

3. The power supply is considered as a component that will be operated in combination with final Equipment. Since EMC performance will be affected by the complete installation, the final equipment manufactures must be-qualify EMC directive on the complete installation again.

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CompatibleDimmer type

SMT50-D2 is 0-10v ce dimmer . input interface is AC100-265V input, it is supply power for the controller it takes. its output interface is DC0-10V output can control led 0/1-10V dim led driver. it is dimming well with gkoled's GKOWP08/01.

0-10v CE dimmer0-10v CE dimmer

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12v 60w 0-10v dimmable led driver

it is UL fcc listed 12v 60w 0-10v dimmable led driver . it is driver with junction box in one case can be used at wet, dry, damp location.

intput voltage:110~277V ac
efficiency > 90%
Size:188*94.5*40mm (L*W*H)

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